Hair Styling

Hair Dressing And Styling – Mobile Hair Stylist And Dresser In Kolkata

Debasree has completed her Hair Dressing and Styling from VLCC. Be it any occasion, Debasree can enhance your look and style. Hairups, Blow wave, Straightening, Curling or whatever be your need Debasree can create a stunning and flawless look for you.

Even though Hair Dressing is mostly done before you apply makeup on your face, it is known as a finishing touch that just closes the call for any woman. By having Debasree style your hair, you will not only feel relaxed and pampered but also get a queen like treatment that you have always wanted. Debasree is aware of the current trends from around the world to give you that crazy look you have been craving for. You can also take lessons from Debasree regarding different styles that will suit your hair.

How to get your Hair Styled by Debasree?

  • Find pictures online or on magazines for the look you want to achieve.
  • Email them to Debasree and let her know the current length of your hair so she can tell you how long your hair needs to be to achieve that look.
  • Before Debasree arrives, make sure that you have washed and blow-dried your hair so that she can create that flawless look you want.
  • Blow drying your hair before styling will ensure that you do not have any frizzy hair and thus Debasree can give the hair more luster and shine. This is an extended service so always find out from Debasree if you want to take it.

“Book your session now and let me make you look and feel like a million dollars!”